Blink Indoor Camera

BCM001 Starter Kit

Aztech Blink Camera Starter Kit (Camera + SyncModule)

This compact size camera allows you to place your Blink cameras anywhere in your home. With no wires to worry about, Blink is designed to go where other systems cannot. Place it on a bookshelf, desk or tabletop, attach it to the wall or ceiling, or mount it in a corner. This exceptional technology delivers up to 2 years of battery life powered by only two AA batteries. In addition to live streaming anytime and from anywhere through the Blink Home Monitor app, be awed by Blink’s sophisticated and instant motion-activated video alerts which bring surveillance to a whole new level. Free cloud storage, auto arm/disarm, temperature sensor, low-light illumination, and a built-in microphone round out a rich feature set that allows Blink to assuredly deliver ease of mind to homeowners.



  • Dimensions: 71x71x30 mm
  • Battery: 2 AA lithium batteries
  • Battery Life: 2 years under normal operation (defined as 40,000 total seconds of video over this 2-year period) *Differs based on individual usage.
  • Video Resolution: 720P HD
  • Video Format: H.264
  • Imaging: Full color, auto white balance, auto exposure
  • Field of View: 110°
  • Night Vision: visible white LED
  • Motion Detection: passive infrared (PIR)

Sync Module

  • Dimensions: 62x59x18 mm
  • Power: 100-220V AC to 5V DC converter included
  • Wireless: 2.4 GHz 802.11n